T&C McCarthy Miles

Redeem your Bidvest McCarthyMiles today?

What is it?
Bidvest McCarthyMiles is Bidvest Club McCarthy’s very own exclusive rewards programme!

How do I redeem my Bidvest McCarthy Points?
Every time you serviced your vehicle at a Bidvest McCarthy dealership in the past 2 years, or purchase parts or accessories, you would have earned rand-equivalent rewards called Bidvest McCarthyMiles (one Bidvest McCarthyMile equals one rand).

What can I use them for?
You can then redeem your Bidvest McCarthyMiles the next time you bring your vehicle in for a service. Or you can use them to off-set the cost of any minor jobs, such as:

•    Wheel alignment / balancing
•    Wiper blade replacement
•    Aircon re-gassing
•    Brake pad replacement
•    And any other minor repairs!

And of course, you can also redeem them against any parts and/or vehicle accessories you purchase, as long as they are ordered through the Service Department, including:

•    Smash ‘n grab
•    Windscreen or window replacement
•    Tyres/rims
•    Canopies
•    Bullbars/roll bars
•    Bin lining
•    Exhausts
•    New mats
•    Branded gear

How do I know how many I have?
You can view how many Bidvest McCarthyMiles you’ve earned simply by logging on here at the Bidvest Club McCarthy website.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Bidvest McCarthyMiles is Bidvest Club McCarthy’s exclusive loyalty rewards programme.
  2. Your Bidvest McCarthyMiles will expire after 2 years from the date they were earned.


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