T&C General

General Terms and Conditions

We kindly ask that you take the time to read the Terms and Conditions carefully. It explains a number of things, including, for example, the usage of member benefits, as well as other information regarding your rights.

Terms & Conditions Include:

  1. The principal member and immediate family members who reside at the same address can make use of the Bidvest Club McCarthy services by quoting the member number.

  2. Usage of benefits is at all times subject to the limits set out in the table of benefits. This table is called the LIMITATION OF BENEFITS TABLE and can be found under the membership options tab.

  3. Any sensitive information that you give to the consultants or service operators will be treated with the strictest confidence.
  4. Please note that Bidvest McCarthy Club does not provide any of the actual services contained in the Table of Benefits. Bidvest McCarthy Club outsources this function to third party service providers. 
  5. The Bidvest Club McCarthy member chooses to use Bidvest Club McCarthy’s products, services and facilities out of its own choice and understands and accepts all the risks related to these products, services and facilities.  Bidvest Club McCarthy does not recommend any particular product or service as being suitable for a specific member.  The member selects these products, services or facilities out of own choice and acknowledges that Bidvest Club McCarthy will not be responsible or liable for any damage or loss that the member may suffer for any reason, including direct, indirect, consequential and economic damages or loss, arising from the products, services or facilities or the agreement with Bidvest Club McCarthy in general.
  6. Members will be responsible for the payment for any external products or services not covered by the Table of Benefits.

  7. Should a member wish to make use of certain promotions on the online Lifestyle Mall, the member will require a valid credit card.
  8. There may be additional charges for services arranged by Bidvest McCarthy Club on the member’s behalf. Bidvest Club McCarthy reserves the right at any time on reasonable notice to alter, withdraw or charge for this service.

  9. The information is this brochure is correct at the time of dispatch. The Club Benefits may be amended from time to time, but we will give members adequate written notice thereof.
  10. The costs of any unauthorized service providers will be for your account.

Please note:

  1. If you are paying by debit order your account will be debited each month. Also, your membership will be automatically renewed unless we are notified otherwise.
  2. Remember that all the benefits offered by Bidvest Club McCarthy, are provided by external service providers, and not by Club itself.
  3. All assistance is rendered within the borders of South Africa.
  4. If you have Bidvest McCarthyMiles they will expire after 2 years from the date earned. These can be redeemed whenever you service with us.
  5. We hold your personal information securely and will not disclose it to any other person or organization unless authorised by you.
  6. We have the right to access and correct the information at any time.
  7. As a Bidvest Club McCarthy member, you agree to abide by our T&C’s.
  8. Your details will be used for administrative purposes, and to provide you with information relating to products and services from time to time. Where you are a Spouse member, we may offer products and services to both of you in the household jointly, or singly. For this purpose, we include ourselves and any division, subsidiary, third party under contract or joint venture companies including Bidvest Club McCarthy.

Emergency roadside disclaimer

We kindly ask that you take the time to read the Emergency Roadside Disclaimer.  It explain the usage of this member benefit, as well as other information regarding your rights.

  1. The estimated time of arrival of assistance depends on where the member has broken down and assistance is limited to national tar roads.
  2. If the assistance required costs more than the amount specified in the benefits table the member will be liable for the excess costs.  
  3. Where a breakdown has occurred outside the borders of South Africa, we can arrange assistance on an access basis.  
  4. To arrange assistance outside the borders of South Africa, members can call 011-430 1610. 
  5. Where a member requires assistance and the vehicle is not registered under Bidvest Club McCarthy membership, assistance can be arranged on an access basis.  
  6. You must submit claims for reimbursement of expenses approved by us within three months after the assistance was rendered in writing, together with supporting documentation.


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