Onyx Benefits Plan


Onyx - The top tier designed for you and your family

Onyx is our top tier plan and is ideally suited to those with several cars in the family or household. Onyx allows you to include up to four vehicles on your membership. Plus, you get coverage for up to 6 breakdowns per year - and up to a maximum of R2,000 per incident. And if you break down between destinations while travelling, we will reimburse your hire car or emergency accommodation expenses, up to a maximum of R5,000 per incident. If you travel a lot or have several vehicles, it’s the ideal plan for you!

The card is key
Just one more thing, you will need to quote the number to a call centre agent in an emergency. It’s on the front of your membership card, so please ensure your card with you wherever you go.It’s all in the brochure
There are many more benefits to being a member, so please take a little time to read through them to better understand what your membership includes. Thanks for reading and have a safe journey!

Bidvest McCarthy Service Centres
Bidvest McCarthy Service workshops will guarantee that only trained technicians work on your vehicle, to ensure a smooth, hassle-free service – every time.

After-market parts and accessories
If you need to replace any part on your vehicle or want to personalise it by adding an after-market accessory - from new headlights to bull bars to roof-racks – a Bidvest McCarthy Service Centre can assist you.

New and used vehicles
Bidvest McCarthy is one of the largest vehicle retailers in the country. We have a huge selection of new and used vehicles to choose from, with a network of over 100 dealers around the country.

Extended Warranties and Insurance
To make your life easier, Bidvest McCarthy is geared up to source the most competitive quotes when you need to insure your vehicle. We can also arrange an extended warranty on your vehicle.

Vehicle Finance
Bidvest Financial Services will ensure you’ll get the best possible deal on your vehicle finance.

Lifestyle Benefits

Bidvest Rentals
When renting a vehicle from Bidvest Rental, simply present your Bidvest Club McCarthy card or inform the reservations desk of your Bidvest Club McCarthy
membership to receive discounted rates, subject to the terms and conditions of Bidvest Rental.

Travel Desk
We have partnered with a travel specialist to provide our members with comparative rates to meet all your travel needs. This includes sourcing flights, car rentals and accommodation (as well as packages combining all of these), for both national and international travel.

Bidvest Club McCarthy Concierge
(Available to Onyx, Platinum and Gold members)
To save you time and effort, we provide one contact number for you to locate essential services – from vehicle service centres to entertainment providers to home repair servicemen. We can also help to make reservations at your favourite restaurants, nationwide!

Bidvest McCarthy Call-a-Cab
If you’re going out on the town and are likely to exceed the alcohol consumption limit, simply call 011- 430 1610 to book your lift service and we’ll send our drivers to drive you and your vehicle home. This service is available between the hours of 6pm and 3am only. T&C’s apply. Platinum and Onyx members are entitled to use the service twice per month, at no cost to you within a 50km radius of your pick-up. Visit for more info on how to book your driver. Terms and conditions apply.

Online Benefits Mall
Our online mall is packed with discounts and special offers exclusive to Bidvest Club McCarthy members. You’ll find incredible discounts from house and garden, retail, entertainment, food and holiday destinations to motoring offers. These are available in the form of online vouchers which you can print out from our website at

Exclusive monthly electronic newsletter
Members receive an exclusive monthly e-newsletter - packed with info about the latest vehicle releases and other news from the world of Bidvest Club McCarthy. We will use this to bring you regular updates of new benefits, competitions, exclusive discounts and much more!

Please note:
All of the benefits listed above are only available through the Bidvest Club McCarthy call centre on 0861 293 329 or online via

Emergency Assistance benefits

At the core of our assistance benefits is our emergency assistance programme – if you have a medical emergency or need legal advice, you simply have to contact our call centre and we will help you find the right person to resolve it.

Roadside Assistance

You are covered 24 hours a day in the event that your vehicle, registered with the Club, is rendered immobile due to a mechanical or electrical breakdown. This 24-hour assistance service applies to the specific passenger vehicle(s), 4x4 vehicle(s) or light commercial vehicle(s) (less than 3.5 tons) registered for Bidvest Club McCarthy membership. It covers you in the event of the following occurring within the borders of the RSA:

Flat battery? We’ll jumpstart you.
We’ll arrange and pay to have your vehicle started. Need this service again? We’ll gladly assist if you haven’t had the opportunity to replace the battery at an outlet on the same day. If a replacement battery is required, we’ll cover the cost for your vehicle to be towed, subject to the limits set out in the limitation of benefits table. The cost of the battery is for your own account.

Flat tyre? We’ll change it.
We’ll arrange and pay to have your spare tyre put onto your vehicle. If you don’t have a spare or tyre change equipment (including special wheel nuts) in the vehicle, you will need to notify the call centre agent up front. We will then arrange a tow in service subject to the limits in the benefits table.

Run out of fuel? Help is on the way.
We will send someone to assist you with 10 litres of fuel. The cost of fuel will be for your account. It is important to ensure that you advise us of the exact type of fuel that your vehicle takes as Club McCarthy cannot be held responsible for an incorrect fuel type being put into your vehicle.

Keys locked inside your car? We’ll get them out.
We will arrange and pay for a locksmith to open your vehicle, where this is possible. This service excludes all parts, components, keys or key-cutting costs, or other similar charges. If it is not possible to retrieve the keys from your car, due to a smart card or locked gears, the towing cost is for your account.

Where keys have broken off in the door or ignition, our contribution to the cost is subject to the limits set out in the limitations of benefits table. In the event of the service provider being unable to resolve the problem where it occurred, the cost for any additional assistance is for your account.

Broken down? We’ll tow you in.
We will arrange and pay for your vehicle to be towed to the nearest Bidvest McCarthy workshop or approved RMI repairer in the event of an electrical or mechanical breakdown.
In the event of a breakdown more than 100 km from your normal place of residence, Platinum and Onyx members have the following additional benefits available only if the towing is arranged via the Bidvest Club McCarthy assistance call centre:

Emergency Car Hire / Overnight Accommodation
Where a breakdown has occurred over 100km from your home town, resulting in an overnight delay, we will arrange and refund the member on receipt of the invoice up to the amount specified in the benefits table towards:

•   Overnight accommodation for driver and occupants (maximum of 5 persons) or
•   24-hour car rental (valid driver’s license and credit card required).

Been in an accident? We’ll tow your vehicle.
We’ll arrange to tow your vehicle. This service is only offered in the event that your vehicle is not drivable and not covered for this cost under a short-term insurance policy. At the time of the call for assistance, members with short-term insurance cover will be transferred to their relevant insurer or broker for assistance at their own expense.

Courtesy Transport
Where a vehicle needs to be towed to a repairer and the incident has occurred within 100 kilometres of your residence, we will arrange courtesy transport (ie, a taxi) to a nominated destination. You must pay the cost upfront and may then claim back the cost. Subject to the limits set out in the limitations of benefits table.

Vehicle Storage
If required due to overnight delay, we will arrange and pay up to the limit set out in the limitations of benefits table for the safe storage of the vehicle.

Vehicle Recovery
We will arrange and refund you on receipt of the invoice, up to the amount specified in the benefits table, towards the cost of collecting the vehicle and returning it to your normal place of residence after the repair has been affected.

Medical Emergency

Our 24-hour Medical Emergency line offers you and your immediate dependants (living with you) response and assistance in certain medical emergency situations as described in the limitation of benefits table. Professional, qualified medical personnel will ensure that the most appropriate emergency service is dispatched.

•   24 hour general and emergency medical information hotline
•   24 hour emergency response to the scene of medical emergency
•   24 hour referrals to medical practitioners and facilities
•   24 hour trauma support lines
•   24 hour medical transportation
•   Repatriation of mortal remains
•   Compassionate visits
•   Guarantee of payment
•   Escort of minors
•   Care of stranded companion, spouse or family members

Legal Advice & Assistance

This service provides you with 24 hour legal support and advice, qualified lawyers which will provide you with broad-based assistance including:

•   Telephonic legal advice
•   Access to standard legal documents via email / fax
•   A free 30 minute consultation on a referral basis
•   Auto Legal

Membership of Auto Legal entitles the member to legal advice, assistance and sourcing of legal representation by South Africa’s top lawyers in any court in the following matters regarding the ownership of, the travelling in and the use of  a vehicle.

•   Traffic Offences above R1 500 fines
•   Drunken driving
•   Reckless driving
•   Negligent driving
•   Culpable Homicide as a result of an accident
•   Driving without a driver’s licence
•   Bail Applications
•   Guarantees and Warrantees
•   Purchase contracts
•   Financing agreements
•   Insurance related matters
•   Problems with panel beaters
•   Tow–in problems
•   Recovery of accident damages to member’s vehicle if not insured
•   Repair problems
•   Consumer related matters
•   Auctions
•   Repossessions
•   Unlawful arrest by SAPS and Metro Police
•   Pothole damages
•   Other damage to your vehicle caused by bad road conditions
•   All civil claims against the member

•   Events that occurred outside the borders of South Africa.
•   Business or Fleet vehicle use.
•   Any act or activity pertaining to political activity / riot, civil commotion, labour riot/strike/lockout or public disorder.
•   All matters not specifically included in the services above.

 Assistance is limited to the principal member and his/her spouse

Household Assistance

This 24 hour emergency assistance service applies to your normal place of residence (within the four walls of your house) and is available when there is a danger to you and your family, or to the property or structure (ie, a threat to a person or assets). We will arrange assistance from the following service providers:

•   Electrician
•   Plumber
•   Locksmith
•   Glazier (Window repairs)

Assistance will also be rendered in the event of non-emergency repairs or repairs outside of the four categories listed above, in which case the account must be settled by you. Onyx members are covered for Call Out plus 1 hour labour, subject to the limitations of the benefits table.

Please take note that:

  1. Invoices for repairs not attended to on instruction of the Bidvest Club McCarthy call centre will not be paid for or refunded to you.
  2. Emergency repairs will only be undertaken at your permanent residence.
  3. Electrical and plumbing services exclude jacuzzis, swimming pools, borehole pumps, air conditioners, commercial refrigerators, leak detection inspections and repairs not complying with regulated specifications such as SANS and others.
  4. Locksmith refers to the emergency call out of a locksmith to retrieve keys broken off or lost for a main entrance or exit of the house. The benefit also applies if a child has locked him or herself in.
  5. The locksmith service excludes burglary
  6. incidents – in such cases, you will be assisted at your own expense, reclaimable from your insurer or homeowner’s policy. Outbuildings and padlocks are also excluded.
  7. The locksmith service does not extend to ordinary maintenance (wear and tear) or replacements.

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